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Tetlow Lane, Salford, M8 9HF


Tetlow Lane is situated off the A576, Leicester Road at Broughton in Salford. St Mark’s Church (Manchester, M8 7HF) is also located in the Lane. The site of what is believed to be the original home of the Tetlows at Tetlow Fold, Boughton is on the corner of Tetlow Lane and George Street. However, this is now a new housing estate and nothing remains of the original buildings. Map co-ordinates are (N53:30:33 W2:14:53). The following Ordnance Survey map shows the locality (the pink circle):

OS Map of Tetlow Lane, Salford

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Whilst a more detailed street map can be accessed by following this link (note however that to return to this site you will need to use the back button on your browser). An aerial photograph can also be accessed from this same link.


Tetlow Lane, Salford 2001 Tetlow Lane, Salford 2001

Tetlow Lane from the A576 end. I believe that the building on the right has been a Jewish Girls Seminary since 1988 & before 1988 this school was known as North Salford Boys High School .


Tetlow Lane, Salford 1974

If you look hard then you can just about make out "Tetlow Lane" on the road sign immediately ahead. Photograph courtesy of Eric Tetlow, taken in 1974, from the northern end of Great Cheetham Street East, with George Street off to the left and Heath Street to the right. The building below is Bethel Community College and Bethel Apostolic Ark and is the same building as in Eric's photo but some 27 years later. The building is the Hamilton Memorial Hall and was built in the early 20th Century with funds donated to St Marks Church by the widow of William Vickers Hamilton. The Bethel Apostolic Ark bought the building a few years ago following the demise of St Marks.

Tetlow Lane, Salford 2001


Tetlow Lane, Salford 2001 Tetlow Lane, Salford 2001

Tetlow Lane from the other end, which leads into Heath Street. The two roads join at the boundary of Salford and Manchester (note the Salford sign in the photo on the right).



The following snippet was extracted by Bill Dowdell from the recently released 1901 Census:

RG13/3727, ff77.  Tetlow Lane, St Mark's Cheetham, Manchester. Tetlow Grove House, boys & girls refuge (branch).

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