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David Tetlow

Hi there. That's me on the right - my name is David Tetlow and I am researching the Tetlow name world-wide. I have, with lots of help from an American by the name of Bill Dowdell, traced my own line back to the Ashton-under-Lyne area in the mid 1700s with some certainty. Earlier than this and the trail is more suspect - although with the help of friends it gets clearer day by day!

The Tetlow name can be traced back several centuries and this web-site has been created for anyone interested in the name or simply wanting to find out about their own Tetlow line. Please feel free to contribute to the web-site by contacting me (see below) - I'll do my best to include whatever you would like me to add to the web-site.

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My contact details are as follows:

My wife, Ray

David Tetlow
1, Pleydells
United Kingdom
Tel: 01793 750712

Mob: 07905 504689
E-Mail: david@tetlow.screaming.net

No 1, Pleydells


Please let me know if any of the links on this web-site are not working and I'll get on to the plumbing right away!


Credits: Many thanks to all the people who have kindly helped me with my Tetlow research, especially Bill Dowdell.


Date page was last edited: 27 August 2008