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Richard of Chamber Hall. 

[Vol 83: Taxation in Salford Hundred 1524 - 1802]


Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst.  

[Vol 83: Taxation in Salford Hundred 1524 - 1802]


Freeholder, Richard Tetlow of Chamber. 

[Lancs Misc, vol 1 (vol 12)]

Freeholder, Edmund of Coldhurst. 

[Lancs Misc, vol 1 (vol 12)]


Freeholders of Oldham & neighborhood. Richard Tetlow, gent.,; Edmund Tetlow, Coldhurst, Gent. 


Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst. 

[Vol 77: Lancashire Quarter Sessions]

Ralph Tetlow, clerk. 

[Vol 77: Lancashire Quarter Sessions]

1601 Jul 15

Cornbuyers licensed: Joseph Scoles of Chadderton and Paul Ogden of Oldham, badgers. Sureties - John Jackson of Oldham, husbandman and Ralph Tetlowe of Oldham, clerk. 

[Chetham Soc, vol 77]

1601 Oct 03

A tusellment made ye 3rd of October betwixt Robert Tetlow and Mr Dainsford man and James Hilton and no blud shed. 

[Salford Portmote Court Leet Records. 1597-1669]

Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst. 

[Vol 77: Lancashire Quarter Sessions]

1602 Oct 01

Richarde Tetlow of Warnethe alias Chamber, gentleman, to Thomas Bagshawe of the Ridge, co., Derby, gentleman -- Manor of Warneth and Oldham and properties there in Greennacres and Ashton-under-Lyne -- On marriage of Robert son and heir of R.T. to Marie daughter of Henry father of T.B.. Witness: Johen Tetlowe, Renould Tetlowe, Raphe Tetlow. 01 Oct 1602. 

[DDHP 40/3]

1603 Jun 25

A brawle made between Robert Tetlow and Thomas Greene and Tetlow drew blood upon Greene. 

[Salford Portmote Court Leet Records]

Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst. 

[Vol 77: Lancashire Quarter Sessions]


Raffe Tetlow, parish clerk of Oldham church. 

[ANNALS OF OLDHAM, by GILES SHAW] [‘Oldham Chapelry’ by Perry-Gore]

1604 Jan 06

Lease: (as above). Richard Tetlowe of the Chamber, gentleman, and Robert his son and heir, to Edwarde Sonndeforthe of Ouldham, Husbandman. 6 Jan 1603/4. 


1605 Oct 21

Lease (as above). Robert Tetlowe of Werneth, gentleman, to Richard Whittaker of the Hollinwode, Husbandman, 1 a.c. part of a close called Wyearth in Wearneth, late in tenure of Edward Sondiforth; to build house -- Witness: John Wolfenden, Henry Tetlowe, Raphe Tetlowe. 21 Oct 1605. 



Thomas Tetlow and Robert Rapheson(?); Richard Nugent. Chict(?) rent on burgage late of Thomas Tetlow, grandfather of Thomas above in Marketstead sold in 1559 to Hugh Travis. Ref(?) the deed of 1560. 

[Manchester Lib Archives, LI/51/8/13]

Final Concord involving Thomas Tetlow.

Manchester Court Leet 

(suit serving [-related to sale or inheritance of property] only taken)

Bond for same.

1606 May 15

Oldham Grammar School. Richard Tetlow of Chamber and Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst, trustees. 


1607 Dec 18

Will of Thomas Crompton. Supervisors, Robert Tetlow of Chamber and Edmund Tetlow, gentleman. 


1608 Apr 18

Reginald Tetlow a bondsman of Oldham. 

[Vol 53: Chester Marriages Licence]

1608 Sep 15

Edmund Tetlow and Margaret Bowker, par of Manchester, spinster. Bondsman, Robert Platt of Crumpsall. At Blackley, Lancs. 

[Vol 53: Chester Marriage Licence]

1609 Feb 04

Richard Tetlow of Chadderton, a bondsman. 

[Vol 53: Chester Marriage Licence]

1610 Nov 29

George Tetlow and Dorothy Locker, par of Manchester, widow. Bondsman, Richard Halliwell. At Manchester. 

[Vol 53: Chester Marriage Licence]

1611 Apr 15

Richard Tetlow, a bondsman.

[Vol 53: Chester Marriage Licence]

1611 May 24

Will of Richard Tetlow of Chambers. To Katherine my wife. Debt due £25 by my son Robert. Francis Tetlow, alias Dunckerley, my kinswoman. My son-in-law, William Bradshaw and I have jointly purchased the wardship of my grandchild, Adam Pilkington, son and heir of Adam Pilkington, late of Salford, deceased. To the children of my son Robert and my daughter Jane Bradshaw, wife of William Bradshaw. Kinsman John Cudworth of Werneth and two others as overser of my will. 


1611 Jun 17

Richard Tetlow of Chamber, buried.  


1611 Sep 25

Lease: (as DDHP20/8/9/12). Richard Tetlowe of the Chamber in Werneth, gentleman, to Arthur Whittell of Ouldham, husbandman -- Messuage in Ouldham -- 25 Sep 1611. 



Joane, dau of John Tetlow of Werneth, husband of Thomas Chaderton. Their son George Chaderton married Mary Cuerden. They also had another son Laurence. 

[Vol 82: St George's Visitation 1613]

1613 Oct 20

Hugh Farrar. Witness: Martin Tetlaw. 

[Farrar Wills]

1613 Nov 24

Richard Tetlow, a bondsman. 

[Vol 53: Chester Marriage Licence]

1614 Jan 26

John Tetlow and Joan Howley, widow. Bondsman, William Johnson. At Manchester. 

[Vol 53: Chester Marriage Licence]

1614 Feb 17

Richard Whitworth, Manchester and Francis Tetlow, Oldham. At Manchester. 

[Vol 53: Chester Marriage Licence]

1614 Sep 15

Bargain & sales with feoffment.

1a. John Curtnowe of Stakehill, yeoman.

1b. Jane Curtnowe of Stakehill, sister of 1a.

2a. John Tetlow of Haughton, par. Manchester, yeoman.

2b. Henry Andrewe of Audenshaw, husbandman.

one third of premises conveyed to each. 

[ASSHETON OF MIDDLETON, Deeds & Leases, (Ref: E7/8/2/12)]

1614 Sep 24

William Clegg and Martha Tetlow, spinster. At Holy Trinity, Chester. 

[Vol 53: Chester Marriage Licence]

1614 Dec 09

Lease: For 3 lives ar 5/- rent: for surrender: Robarte Tetlowe of Wearneth, gentleman, to Thomas Tetllowe of the North-Woodesyde in Ouldham, linenweaver -- Messuage in Ouldham -- for lives of T(homas).T(etlow)., Elizabeth his wife and Marie his daughter. Leased by Richard Tetlowe, decd to T.T. 30 Jan 1594/5. Witness: Reginald Tetlowe, Raphe Tetlowe, Hugh Pollett. 9 Dec 1614. 


1616 Apr 13

13 James Apr 13 (1616). Richard Scoffield holds by deeds grant from Henry Scoffield of Feilden, co. Lancs, yeoman, lands, late Richard Scoffield, George Tetlow & Grace Scoffield, widow, mother of said Henry & all edifices. 

[Raines MSS]

1616 Apr 27

Ralph Tetlow of Oldham, yeoman. 

[Vol 42: Manchester Quarter Sessions, 1616-1623]

1616 May 19

Josuah, son of Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst, baptised at Middleton Church. 


1616 Aug 23

John Wolstenhulme, par of Rochdale and Anne Tetlow, spinster, Oldham. Bondsman, Abraham Wolstenhulme. At Rochdale, Haslingden, or Ashworth. 

[Vol 56: Chester Marriage Licence, #2,1616-1624]

1616 Dec 21

Ralph Tetlow of Oldham, yeoman. 

[Vol 42: Manchester Quarter Sessions, 1616-1623]

1617 Feb 03

William Heawood and Anne Tetlow, spinster, par of Prestwich. Bondsman, Nathaniel Travis, at Oldham. 

[Vol 56: Chester Marriage Licence, #2, 1616-1624]

1617 Feb 11

Ralph Tetlow of Oldham, yeoman. 

[Vol 42: Manchester Quarter Sessions, 1616-1623]

1617 May 31

Assignment of lease. Jane Erlame, Margaret Morris alias Tetlow of Newton Lane. Burgage of land by Market Stead Lane leased in 1612 by John Hunt to Jane Erlame, then in occupation of Ralph Morris from a period of 34 years. Endorsed "for 66 years". 

[M/C 1190]

1617 Oct 16

Ralph Tetlow of Oldham, yeoman. 

[Vol 42: Manchester Quarter Sessions, 1616-1623]

1619 Feb 17

Mary, wife of Robert Tetlow of Oldham. 

[Vol 42: Manchester Quarter Sessions, 1616-1623]

1619 Jul 04

Edmund Tetlow of Oldham.

[Vol 42: Manchester Quarter Sessions, 1616-1623]

1619 Sep 10

Edward Tetlow of Coldhurst, juror. 

[Stuart Period: Lancshire Inquisitions]

1619 Oct 08

Messuage called Redleigh is held by Robert Tetlow and John Cudworth. 

[Stuart Period: Lancshire Inquisitions]

1620 Feb 29

Attornment: Thomas Tetlowe of Hallyfax, co York gentleman., Richard Streete of Werneth, woolendraper, Reginalde Tetlow, husbandman, George Tetlowe, linenwebster, both of Ouldham, Edmonde Whitacker of Blackeley, husbandman, Edmonde Sonndiforthe, husbandman, Rafe Sonndiforthe, linenwebster, Richard Sonndiforthe, husbandman, John Hollynworthe, tailor, John Hollynworthe, linenwebster, Henry Wolfenden, carpenter, Rafe Dawson, linenwebster, Raufe Mellor alias Whytehead, collier, Abraham Houlte, woolenwebster, Jane Couper, widow, George Walker, tailor , and Raufe Wylde, husbandman, all of Werneth, to Robert Mawdesley of Mawdesley, gentleman, and John Scholes of Okeden, gentleman, -- Messuage in Ouldham -- 29 Feb 1619/20. (Attached) Deed to make tenants to precipe: Roberte Tetlowe of Werneth, gent., to Roberte Mawdesley of Mawdesley, and John Scholes of Okeden, gent., -- Manor of Werneth and Oldham and messuage there, late in tenure of Richard, decd father of R(obert).T(etlow). (6 Mar 1619/20). 


1620 Mar 07

Elizabeth, wife of Ralph Tetlow de Chadderton. 

[Vol 42: Manchester Quarter Sessions, 1616-1623]

1620 May 07

Richard Tetlow involved in a meeting concerning getting coal at Oldham near the crosses. 

[Vol VII-56. Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society]

1620 May 27

Dispute over a coal mine in Oldham Edge. 'a meeting was held at Oldham; present Sir John Byron, James Ashton, Esq., Richard Tetlow and John Cudworth, Gentn. 


1620 Jul 13

Dorothy Tetlow and Alice Downes of Manchester. 

[Vol 42: Manchester Quarter Sessions, 1616-1623]

1621 Jan 30

John Tetlow and Mary Buckley, spinster, par of Oldham. Bondsman, Otuel Wild, at Oldham. 

[Vol 56: Chester Marriage Licence, #2, 1616-1624]

1621 Feb 10

Edmund Tetlow of Oldham, weaver. 

[Vol 42: Manchester Quarter Sessions, 1616-1623]

1621 May 18

Reginald Tetlow, par of Mottram, Ches., and Ellen Mortin, spinster, same parish. Bondsman John Collier. Licence to Mr Hyde or Savage. 

[Vol 56: Chester Marriage Licence, #2, 1616-1624]

1621 Nov 01

Lease: For 21 years at 3/4 rent: for 15 pounds: Roberte Tetlowe of Werneth, gentleman, to John Ogden of Chaderton, shoemaker. 01 Nov 1621. 



Robert Tetlow of Oldham, lands £3/15/0. 

[Lancs Misc, vol 1 (vol 12)]

Edmund Tetlow of Oldham, lands 22s. 

[Lancs Misc, vol 1 (vol 12)]


Subsidy Roll this year: Oldham:

Robert Tetlow, gent., in Lands £iiii............£0 16s 0d.

Edmund Tetlow, in Lands £iii.............£0 04s 0d. 



Complaint of a bill between Robert Tetlow of Wernith and Edmund Taylor of Horsedge in Oldham.  

[Raines MSS]

1622 Feb 05

Dispute about division of the common lands in Oldham between Robert Tetlow of Werneth and Edmund Taylor of Horsedge with E. Ashton; R. Standish; and W. Radclyffe. 


1622 Sep 19

Edmund (also known as Edward) Tetlow, juror. 

[Stuart Period: Lancashire Inquisitions]


Jane Tetlow, wife of John Wolstenholme. 

[Vol XIX, XXI, XXII: Notitia Cestriensis, vol 2]

1623 Jun/Jul

Crompton surveyed by Henry Wilcock & Thomas Blomeley. The proprietor's name and quantity of land each one had are: Mr Tetlow, A29, R1, P25. 


1623 Nov 01

Richard Tetlow and Alice Bradshaw. Bondsman, Leonard Tetlow. At Gorton. Vol 56: Chester Marriage Licence, #2, 1616-1624.

1624 Mar 15

Robert Farrar. £8 yearly unto Abraham & Ambrose Tetlow (of Ovenden). Also witnesses to Robert Farrar Will. 

[Farrar Wills]

1624 Apr 22

Ralph Tetlow, bondsman. Vol 56: 

[Chester Marriage Licence, #2, 1616-1624]

1624 Aug 03

Depostions in Ed. Tailor and Robert Tetlow plaintiffs against Sir George Booth and others, defedants -- concerning Horsedge, within 7 crosses, and enclosures. 03 Aug 1624. 


1624 Sep 02 & 03

Edmund Tetlow, juror. 

[Stuart Period: Lancshire Inquisitions]


Rev Geo Byrom bought land on Quick Moor from Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst. 

[Vol 39. Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society]

Commissioner. Robert Tetlow. 


1625 Mar 10

Deed of covenants to levy a fine: (i) Roberte Tetlow of Wernethe, gentleman, and Marie his wife, (ii) Edmund Chadwick of Lowcrompton, husbandman, and (iii) Abraham Wild of Narow Yates (Narrow Gates), husbandman -- messuage called Hathershaw in Ouldham, as 1 messuage, 1 garden, 1 barn, 12 ac land, 4 ac meadow, 10 ac pasture, 10 ac wood, Heath and Ling. -- one half to E(dmund).C(hadwick). for lives of E.C. and Edmund and Marie his children; the other half to A(braham).W(ild). for lives of A.W., Robert Thorpe of Narowyate, shoemaker, and Isaker, his son; each paying 20/- rent. Witness: Raphe Tetlowe, James Scolfield, James Buckley. William Walker, jun. 10 Mar 1624/25. 


1626 Apr 13

George Tetlow, messuage. 

[Vol 71: Rochdale Survey]

1626 May 19

Samuel Tetlow of Langfield, granted to Sara Walkden, messuages. 

[Vol 71: Rochdale Survey]

1626 Nov 18

Sale of land at Ryton Moss. Indenture between Jane Houlden of Ryton, widow and Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst Hall; Renowld Tetlow of Northmoor, husbandman and others. 


1626 Nov 18

Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst. 

[A History of Oldham, by Hartley Bateson]

1626 Nov 18

Edmund Tetlow & Jane Houlden.  

[Raines MSS]

1626 Dec 02

Laurence Tetlow, 71/2 acres. 

[Vol 71: Rochdale Survey]

1627 Jan

John Tetlow, shearman, Rochdale. Assaults on Isabel, wife of Roger Hoult, alehousekeeper. 

[QSB/1/19, 108 & 109]

1627 Jan

Manchester. John Tetlow, shearman, Rochdale. James Woolfenden, tailor. Mary, wife of James Hill, Mary their daughter, Jane, wife of Thomas Heyley, Richard Hallows, James Woolfenden, and John Tetlow. 

[QSB/1/19/40 & 65]

1627 Jul 04

Lease: For 21 years at 4/- rent. Robert Tetlowe of Werneth, gentleman, to John Wolfenden the elder of the Hollinwode, carpenter -- half of close called the paddock, adjoining Hollinwode Millne -- 4 Jul 1627. 

[DDHP 20/24]

1627 Aug 06

Writ of debt for arrest of Edmund Heywood late of Middleton, linenweaver; Arthur Crompton, late of Kersley, husbandman; Henry Tetlow, late of Northmore, fustianweaver; and Gilbert Mather, late of Westhoughton, fustianweaver, on the plea of Henry Wrigley. 


1627 Nov 20

Edmund Tetlow and Mary Scholfield, par of Rochdale, spinster. Bondsman, John Newton. At Manchester, Oldham, or Rochdale. 

[Vol 57: Chester Marriage Licence, #III, 1624-1632]


Roger Tetlow of Standish & Langtree, 15d. 

[Lancs Misc, vol 1 (12)]


Alehousekeeper-disorder-to be suppressed. Richard Tetlow-"in ye towne". (page 312). 

[England in Ashton-under-Lyne, by W.M. Bowman]

1628 Jan 01

Item the jurie present Richard Brooke, Roger Scotson and Henry Mason all of Manchester, for making an assault upon Thomas Tetlow, William Winfield and John Fletcher, and drawing bloud on them. 

[Salford Portmote Court Leet Records. 1597-1669]


Anne Tetlow, Chadderton. Bastardy of Francis Nuttall, gentleman and Anne, daughter of Renold Tetlow, husbandman. Blackely. 

[QSB/1/39, 40, 51]


Richard of Chamber Hall. Lawrence, father of Richard. Robert, son of Richard (not 21). 

[A History of Oldham, by Hartley Bateson]


Robert of Werneth. Edmund of Oldham, Marie his wife and Robert his son. 

[A History of Oldham, by Hartley Bateson]

1629 Jan

Thomas Tetlow, Salford, dyer. To appear at session. 


1629 Mar

Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst. Edmund, his son. 

[A History of Oldham, by Hartley Bateson]

1629 Mar 01

Lease of land and buildings in Fogglane and Seats in Oldham church. Indenture made between Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst, gent., and Edmund Tetlow, his son, , 1st part. And Roger Massie, of Failsworth, Chapman, 2nd pt. Witnesseth that said Tetlows for £40 have to Farm let all that Messuage in Oldham and 4 acres called the great Meadow & two little Meadows in Fogg-lane in Oldham and late in the tenure of John Ogden, deceased, and also libertie to sitte in one stall or forme in Oldham Church, which heretofore hath been belonging to the said Messuage & Tenement. To have etc., for 21 years. Rent 13s. 4d. & two days shearing or reaping in harvest & one herriott at the death of every Tenant of the premises. (signed) Edmund Tetlow & Edmund Tetlow. Wit: John Gilliam, Henry Taylor, and Ra. Tetlow, junior. 


1629 Mar 01

5 Char. Between Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst and Edmund Tetlow his son and Roger Massic(?).  

[(Rec Soc #6, No. 8). Raines MSS]


Edmund Tetlow of Newton, to appear. 


1631 Feb 18

Richard Tetlow and Abigal Harpur, par of Middleton, spinster. Bondsman, Daniel Lord. At Oldham, Middleton or Manchester. 

[Vol 57: Chester Marriage Licence, #III, 1624-1632]

1631 Jun 01

Value of fustian & cotton wool. A list of goods sold by Mr Henry Wrigley and me John Okey, since we took Letters of Administration 1 June, 1631 of the goods, etc., of Samuel Wilde, late of Hollinwood, deceased. To Mrs Tetlow a chair att...£0. 2s. 0d. 


1631 Jun 25

Tetlow, bondsman(?). Vol 57: 

[Chester Marriage Licence, #III, 1624-1632]

1631 Jul 01

William Clarke and Alice Tetlow, Oldham, spinster. At Oldham, and Newton. 

[Vol 57: Chester Marriage Licence, #III, 1624-1632]

1631 Sep 13

Robert Tetlow of Oldham, Knighthood. 

[Lancs Misc, vol 1 (Vol 12)]

1631 Sep 13

Compositions for obligatory knigthood made at Bury. Robert Tetlow of Oldham, gentleman, £10. 



Coldhurst, Oldham, SD92220589. In 1633, the Tetlow Family were seated here. 

[Country Houses of Greater Manchester]

1633 Mar 21

8 Car. Robert Tetlow of Wernith gent, 1 part and Adam Woolfenden of Hollinwood, linenwebster, 2 part. Wit: Tetlow for 19 pounds to let farm called Millner House of 3 acres nr town of Oldham which Adam shall enter upon at his father's death for 21 years. Rent 9/4; 2 days shearing in harvest; a hen at Xmas; capon at Easter; the best beast or mes goods in the name of herriott. Wit: John Tetlow; Ralph Makanne; Edmund Chadwick. 

[Raines MSS]


Sold Chamber Hall to George and John Wood. 


1635 Mar 25

Lease: For 21 years at 30/-rent. Robert Tetlow of Werneth, alias Chamber, gentleman, to Robert Thorpe of par Ouldham, husbandman. Witness: John Cowper, Richard Strenger, Johannes Tetlowe. 25 Mar 1635. 

[DDHP 20/25]

1635 May 01

Lease: For 21 years at 30/-rent. Robert Tetlow to William Marland of Ouldham, yeoman . Witness: John Tetlowe, John Tetlow, Raphe Makane. 01 May 1635. 

[DDHP 20/27]

1635 May 01

Lease: For 21 years at 30/-rent. Robert Tetlow of Werneth, gentleman, to Edmund Tetlowe of par. Ouldham, tradesman -- Cottage, garden, and little croft (1r), in par. Ouldham -- for lives of E(dmund).T(etlow)., Mary his wife, and Thomas his son. Witness: John Tetlowe, William Marland. 01 May 1635. 

[DDHP 20/28]

1635 May 20

Mortgage: For 80 pounds: Robert Tetlow of Werneth, gentleman, and Mary his wife, to James Wodhead of Royton, yeoman -- Messuage in Ouldham called George Tetlowe tenemente -- Witness: John Tetlowe, John Tetlowe, John Hollinworth, John Newton. 20 May 1635., 

[DDHP 20/29]

1635 Aug 10

Lease: Robarte Tetlowe of Chamberhall, gentleman, to John Hollinworthe of Ouldham, linenwebster. Lease 25 Feb 1601/2 by Richard Tetlowe of Chamber, gentleman, deed. (father of Robert Tetlow) 10 Aug 1635. 

[DDHP 20/30]

1635 Sep 15

Conveyance: For 2400 pounds: Robert Tetlowe of the

Chamberhall and William Horton of Berkeslande, co., York, gentlemen, to

Geoorge Wood of Growby, co., Leicester and John Wood of London,

gentlemen -- Properties (very detailed) in Wernith, Oldham and

Greenacres with manors of Werneth and Oldham. Witness: John Tetlow,

Philip Osborne, John Dawson, Roger Rogersonn, Gerad Simkin, John

Gleddhill, William Horton, William Marland, Alexander Mylles. 15 Sep


Name of Tenants:

John Woods

James Sutton+

Ralphe Sondiforthe

Edmund Sondiforte+

Edmund Tettlowe

Robert Thorpe+

James Soundiforte+

Margarett Whittaker+

John Soundiforte+

John ?

John Dunkerley+

John .allamoxte+

William Marland

Edmund Burkley+

Adam Woolfenden+

John Woolfenden+

Oliver Dale(?)+

James Sholes

James Hough+Jane Whittle+Jane Cowper+

Leonard(?) Whittam+

John Tetlowe

James ?

John Tetlowe+

NOTE: + denotes "mark of " Signers"


John Tetlowe

Phillip Osbourne

John Dawson

Reg Rogersonn

Gerard Simkin

1635 Sealed in the presences of:

John Gledhill

William Horton

John Tetlowe

William Marland

A. Mylles+

Phillip Osbourne

Indenture made 15 September, 11th Charles, between Robert Tetlowe of

the Chamber Hall in or near Oldham, Lancashire, gentleman and William

Horton of Ballylande, Yorkshire, gentleman and George Wood, Growby,

Leicestershire, gentleman and John Wood of London, gentleman--Lands--tenants--houses--etc in Wernith--Greenacres-house occupied by the following:

James Lyton & family, 3s & 4p

James Whittacre & family, 3s & 4p

Edmund Sondeforte & family, 3s & 4p

Edmund Tetlowe & family, 1s

Edmund Chadwick & family, 3s & 4p

Robert Thorpe & family, 3s & 4p

Richard Sondeforte & family, 3s & 4p

Richard Whittam & family, 3s & 4p

John Ogden & family, 3s & 4p

John Sondeforte & family, 5s

George Maller & family, 3s & 4p

John Hollingworth & family, 4s

John Hollingworth & family, £3/13/4

William Marland, & family, 1s

Edmund Burkley & family, 1s

John Stringer & family, 1s

Adam Woolfenden, & family, 5s

John Woolfenden & family, 3s

Alice Cashe, widow & Elizabeth Wylde, widow, late of Thomas Wylde, 10s & 8p

James Scoales, & family

James Houghe & family, 6s & 8p

Anne Whittle (Arthur Whittle, husband), 13s

John Whitehead, & family, 3s & 4p

John Cowper & family, 5s

Henry Winterbottom, & family, 4s

Edmond Tetlowe & family, 1 pence(?)

John Dunkerley, & family, 10s

Jane Hathenshawe, widow, 2s

Susan Cowper, widow, 5s

Thomas Jackson, & family, ?

Gilbert Onwyn, & family

William Jackson, & family

Henry Wytaker & family, 3s & 4p

John Tetlowe & family, 14s

James Woodhead & family

John Tetlowe, 3s

John Tetlowe, 6s


Maryott Beswick, widow

John Smythe., 

[DDHP 20/31]

1635 Sep 15

Attornment: (pursuant to DDHP 20/31)

(Names were as follows:)

Richard Street

Ellen Hulton

Ralph Sondiforth

James Whittacre

Edmund Sondiforth

Edmund Tetlowe

Edmund Chadwick

Robert Thorpe

James Sondiforth

Margaret Whittacre

John Ogden

John Sondiforth

Thomas Winterbothume

John Dunkerly

John Hollinworth

William Marland

Edward Buckley

John Stringer

Adam Woolfenden

John Woolfenden

Alice Cashe, widow

Elizabeth Wyld, widow

James Scoales

James Clough

Anne Whittle

John Whitehead

John Cowper

Henrie Winterbothom

Edmund Tetlowe

John Dunkerley

Jane Hathershawe, widow

Susan Cowper, widow

Thomas Jackson

Gilbert Onwyn

William Jackson

Henrie Whittaker

John Tetlowe

Israel Buckley

Margaret Beswick, widow

John Tetlowe

Joseph Smith. 

[DDHP 20/32]

1635 Sep 15

On 15th September 1635, the following Conveyance was recorded:-

" For 2400 pounds: Robert Tetlowe of the Chamber Hall and William Horton of Berkeslande in the County of York, gentlemen, to George Wood of Growby in the County of Leicester and John Wood of London, gentlemen. Properties in Wernith, Oldham and Greenacres with manors of Wernith and Oldham. Witnesses John Tetlowe, William Horton (and others)."

It is recorded that George Wood was the husband of Roberts 'daughter and sole heiress Jane' (Baines). Perhaps Jane was a Tetlow, but as shown un The Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St. George 1613, she was not Roberts sole heiress. The reason for the sale of Chamber Hall after so many generations is not known, but perhaps there were debtsand the estate had been mortgaged to William Horton, or perhaps the move was triggered by religious or political strife and Roberts position in Oldham had become intolerable. It my be significant that Skirden on the Yorkshire side of the River Ribble was a Roman Catholic stronghold at the time. But what must have been the feelings of Roberts eldest son Richard who could have expected to inherit the Chamber estate?

(I totally agree with this account. It's also noted that in Roberts will, no mention of a Jane is shown suggesting she either never existed or was completely ostrasized. No record of a marriage is shown between Jane Tetlow & George Wood. William Dowdell).

A new Chamber Hall was built in 1640 next to the older premises by the Woods, whose initials appeard with that date on a lintel. But the Woods did not stay long at Chamber, for in 1646 it was sold to Henry Wrigley, a linen draper of Salford who in 1651 became High Sheriff of Lancashire. The front was rebuilt in 1752 by the Gregg Hopwoods who succeeded the Wrigleys by marriage. The building was demolished in the 1930's, but the name survives in Chamber Road near to Oldham Grammer School.

1635 Dec 21

Lease: For 21 Years at 30/-rent. Robert Tetlow to Henrye Whittaker, of Hollinwoode, swaller. 21 Dec 1635. 

[DDHP 20/26]

1636 Apr 04

Final concord: For 720 pounds: George and John Wood, gentlemen, plaintiffs, and Robert Tetlowe, Mary his wife, William Horton, and Elizabeth his wife, deforceants -- Manors of Werneth and Oldham. 04 Apr 1636., 

[DDHP 20/34]

1636 May 01

11 Car. Robert Tetlow. 

[Raines MSS]

1636 May 01

67 Car. Indenture between Robert Tetlow of Werneth, gent, 1st part & Edmund Tetlow of Oldham, tradesman, 2nd part. Said Robert for 5 pounds, a messuage, land in Oldham. Rents 1/ for lives of Edmund & Mary his wife and Robert, son & heir (Rec #6, no. 9). 

[Raines MSS]

1636 Aug 02

Surrender to make tenants to precipe: Edmund Tetlow, James Scoales, John Hollinworthe, Richard Streete, Jane Cowper, and Edmund Sonndiforth, to George Wood and John Wood -- Propeties in Oldham, Werneth, and Greenacres -- Witness: Thomas Scoles, Samuel Breerley. 02 Aug 1636. 

[DDHP 20/33]

1637 Apr 20

Assignment: For £2.13.4: George Whittaker of Oldham, carrier, to Edmund Tetlowe of Brodilane, par., Oldham, chapman -- Close in Oldham called Barrowshawhill (2ac) -- Witness: Robt Tetlow, Anthony Hill, Richard Whittaker. 20 Apr 1637., 

[DDHP 20/35]

1637 Sep 11

Feoffment. William Hoyle of Gisburn, gent. (1). John Tetlow of Ryton Lancs, gent. (2). Skirden in the forest of Gisburne in the parish of Bolton near Bolland with 120 acres and also one yearly rent of 12 pence issuing out of the Intacke sould by William Hoyle to Richard Broxoppe and two meadows called Sett in the occupation of Henry Ellhill of Gasgill, yeoman. "exemted and fore prised by these presents" Seisin endorsed that on 12 Sep 1637 "William Hoyle did give full and peaceable possession and seisin unto John Tetlow in their own presence and person". 


1637 Sep 11

Messuages. William Hoyle to John Tetlow.  


1637 Sep 11

Bond. William Hoyle to John Tetlow. 


1637 Sep 11

Feoffment re Skirden. Henry Ellill (1). John Tetlow (2) of Ryton Lancs, gent. 


1637 Nov 12

John Tetlow of Skirden leave unto Thomas Bagshawe of Ridge in the county of Derby and George Boaden in the county of the parish of Derby. From and after the death of Robert Tetlow and his wife Mary, late father and mother of the said John Tetlow. Thomas Tetlow, his brother. 


1637 Nov 20

Mortage by demise. John Tetlow of Phelsworth (Failsworth) Lancs, gent. (1). Thomas Bagshawe of Ridge Darbye, Esq., and George Boaden of Boaden Darbye, gent. (2). Skirden etc. Term 60 years. Premium (/) £500. "For the better preferment and advancement of himself Robert Tetlow his father and Marie Tetlow his mother in tyme to come". 


1637 Nov 20

Mortage by demise(?). John Tetlow of Phalsworth, Lancs (1). Thomas Bagshawe of Ridge, Derby, Esq and George Boaden of Boaden. 


1638 Jan

Complainants against Edmund Taylor and Francis Bretland. Robert Tetlow; John Harpur; John Bradshawe; George Winterbottom. 

[Raines MSS]


Dispute about common lands in Oldham. Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst. 


1639 Dec 25

The answer of Edmund Tetlow to Sir Thomas Bedingfield, Oldham commons. Mention of longstanding mentionned ancestors of messuages called Coldhurst (a very long account). 

[Raines MSS]


John Tetlow of Cunscourh son & heir of John Tetlow, died 1639 having married Arthura, daughter of Mr. Arthur Serjeant of Melling and by her had issue John, Alice married unto Mr. William Byrome of Sephton, Katherine married to Mr. Nicholas Heskins of Wrighlington, Ann married to William Chadocke of Bickerstaffe (1st) then unto Mr. Daniel Sephton of Skelmersdale, Mary married to Mr. Cuthbert Halsall of Barton, Elizabeth married to Mr. William Shallhagh of Skelmersdale. 

[Farrar MSS. (NOTE: Also known as John Tatlock)]


Poors Field Charity. The rents and profits of a close containing two acres, called the Great Meadow, given in 1640 by Edm. Tetlow the elder, and Edm. Tetlow the younger, to the poor of Oldham 28s. 8d. per annum, and to the poor of Royton 3s. 4d. per annum. 

[Edward Baines, vol 2]
1640 Jan 12

Poor’s Field Charity: Edmund Tetlow the elder and Edmund Tetlow the younger, in consideration of £20 granted and enfeoffed to Edmund Walker and his heirs a close called Great Meadow, lying near Fogg Lane in the parish of Oldham, and abutting at the east part of the said field upon that lane, containing 2 acres, or thereabouts, on trust, that the rents and profits thereof should be received by the churchwardens and overseers of Oldham, and their successors, for ever, to the intent that they should dispose out of the rents and profits, yearly for ever, to the poor inhabitants of Oldham 28s 8d per annum, and to the poor inhabitants of Royton 3s 4d per annum, and that during such time as the said sums of 28s 8d and 3s 4d should be paid to the churchwardens and overseers, and until default of payment, the said Edmund Tetlow the elder, and Edmund Tetlow the younger, might occupy and enjoy the said close; with a covenant from them to pay the chuchwardens and overseers yearly out of the rents, the said two sums, or to permit the said Edmund Walker and his heirs to receive the same out of the rents, for the use of the poor within Oldham and Royton.

[‘Oldham Chapelry’ by Perry-Gore]

1640 Jan 12

Poor's Field Charity. Edmund Tetlow, the Elder and Edmund Tetlow the Younger. 


1640 Jan 12

Edmund Tetlow senior and Edmund Tetlow junior, benefactors 12 Jan 1640, granted a field in fog lane, called Great Meadow.  

[Vol XIX, XXI, XXII: Notitia Cestriensis, vol 2]

1640 Jun 20

Charles 15 (1640) Jun 20. Re Skirden. John Tetlow and William Hoyle. 



Subsidy this year: Oldham:

Edmund Tetlow, gent., in Lands £1..........£0. 8s. 0d. 



Assessment in Oldham:

Edmund Tetlow, gent., £5 per ann.......ijs.

Edmund Tetlow, Junior, £5 per ann......js.

John Tetlow, £5 per ann................js.

Anne Tetlow, £5 per ann................vjs.

Thomas Tetlow, £5 per ann..............js.

Alis, his wife.........................vjd.

Assessment in Chadderton:

Edmund Tetlow, £10 per ann.............2s.

Robert Tetlow, his son.................6d.

Richard Tetlow, elder, his servant.....6d.

Richard Tetlow, younger, his servant...6d.

Lenord Tetlow, £5 per ann..............6d.

Henry Tetlow, his son..................6d.

Martha, his wife.......................6d.

Assessment in Royton:

Mary Tetlow, widow, £20 per ann........5s.

Anne Tetlow, her daughter..............vjd.

John Tetlow, £5 per ann................vjd. 


1641 Jul 10

Assignment. Robert Tetlow of Skirden, gent (1). Roger Nicholson of Ravenflatts, Yorks, gent (2). The Great Lymes, the Little Lymes, the Turne Gree, The Holme Close, The Holme Browe, and Springe for the residue of a term of 60 yrs (i.e. 43 yrs). Rent payable at Pentecost and St Martins the Bishop in Winter by equal and even portions for the first three years and thereafter a rent of one pence payable at the feast of St John the Baptist. In consideration of certain payments to discharge a mortage. 


1641 Aug 18

Presentment for Rytonn (Royton). The names and surnames of such persons as are able to dispend Tenn Pounds per Ann., be of the age of sixteene yeares or above: Mary Tetlow, widow, £20 per ann., to pay........5s. 


1642 May 12

Leonard Tetlow, lands in Chadderton. 


1645 Nov 24

Charles 20 (1645) Nov 24. Acquittance of Richard Tetlow of Phelsworth, gent., of Robert Tetlow of Phelsworth his father from a bond for payment by the latter to the former of £100. 



Tetlow Fold, Hyde, SJ96739546. Tetlow Fold was named after Reginald Tetlowe to whom a 90 year lease was granted in 1649 for the 'New stone buildings ... and the adjacent buildings with certain fields'. Two lintel stones on the oldest part of the Tetlowfold buildings give dates of 1645 and 1726. The initials of Reginald Tetlowe are inscribed with the earlier date, which is presumably the time of construction and the initials probably marked the re-building and enlarging which took place. 

[Country Houses of Greater Manchester]


Mottram. Edmund Ashton of Chadderton, leased to Reginald Tetlow of Godley, husbandman, eldest son of John Tetlow of Godley, "the new stone buildings lately erected by him" and adjacent buildings, together with certain fields, closes, etc, for 90 years. Now called Tetlaw Fold. (Footnote) A new lease was granted in 1663 to Reginald Tetlaw the son, (after the death of Reginald Tetlaw, the father), for 3 lives, his own, that of Martha his wife, and Alice his daughter. There are many other deeds relating to Tetlaw Fold, none of which are of much interest. Reginald died 1708 and his son William Tetlow in 1746, his next heir being Thomas Tetlow, apothecary, of Prescot, Lancashire. 

[History of East Cheshire by J.P. Earwaker, volume 2, page 160]

1649 Jan 23

Jac I (1649) Jan 23. Final agreement. John Tetlow (plaintiff). Henry Ellis (deforciant). 


1649 Jul 12

Assignment(?). Yearly rent of £10 to Thomas Tetlow by John Tetlow (his brother) for Skirden. Re lease of 20 Nov 1637. 


1649 Jul 13

Feoffment. John Tetlow of Skirden, gent (1), and Thomas Tetlow of Skirden, gent (brother of said John) (@). Skirden with 120 acres heretofore in the tenure and occupation of William Hoyle and a yearly rent of twelve pence issuing out of one close called the Intacke sold by William Hoyle to one Richard Broxoppe. Consideration £140. 


1649 Jul 26

C-88 Godley. 1649 Jul 26. Edmund Assheton of Chadderton, Esq. to Regnold Tetlow of Godley, eldest son of John Tetlow, husbandman. Lands & buildings to Reginold Tetlow and his son, Reginold. 



Place name: Tetlow, Broughton, Kersall of 1650. No church or chapel in said villages. Tithes are paid to church of Manchester said to be about one mile from church. 

[Vol 1, Commonwealth Church Survey]


Ann Tetlow, maintenance of her bastard child with John Mason of Wigan, painter. Helen Tetlow of Langtree, daughter of Ann Tetlow, age about 8 years.

1652 Apr 02

Edmund Tetlow, gentleman, his feoffiin of Beal Moor to Robert Butterworth. 

[Raines MSS]

1652 Apr 13

Manchester. A summons sent out, to the end Edward Tetlow of Haughton, should appear before this class the second Tuesday in May next. 

[Vol 22. Manchester Classis]

1652 Apr 20

Lease. Thomas Tetlow of Skirden (1) and Samuel Waddington of Otterburne in Craven (2).


1652 Jun 16

Release. Matthew Tetlow of Skirden, gent., one of the sons of Robert Tetlow, deceased, to Thomas Tetlow, his brother. 


Robert, churchwarden. 

[A History of Oldham, by Hartley Bateson]


Robert Tetlow, churchwarden, parish of Oldham. 


1653 Jan 27

C-89 Godley. 1652/3 Jan 27. Assignment by Reignold Tetlow the elder of Godley, yeoman. Reginald, his wife Alice; Reignold the son (to have moiety on reaching the age of 21) and Alice and Mary, his daughters. Wit: Robert Turner & John Hall. 


1653 Oct 10

Joshua Tetlow, son of Edmund of Coldhurst, born. 



John Tetlow, reputed father of Jemiah's Kenyon's bastard child, Anabil, of Pilkington. 



Tornham Rentals Whitsuntide & Michelmas. John Tetlow. 

[Assheton MSS E7/19/1/6]


Ephan Tetley, Dinah's mother, dead.  

[Oliver's Heywood Diaries 1630-1702]

Baptised, d- Isaac.  

[Vol 52: History of Newton Chapelry]

1656 Mar 21

Indenture. Robert Tetlow of Wernith, co Lancr., gent., first part, and Adam Woolfenden of Hollinwood, linenwebster, second part. Witnessesth that the said Robt. Tetlow for £19 hath to ferm let the farm called the Millner House with four crofts being 3 acres in the town of Oldham (save a little plot in the tenure of John Woolfenden, father of the said Adam, which said Adam shall enter upon his father's death) for 21 years at a rent of 9s. 4d. a year, two days of shearing in harvest, a hen at Christmas and a capon at Easter, and the best beast or other goods in the name of a Heriot. 


Rental of Thornham. John Tetlow. 

[Assheton Papers, E7/19/1/12 & 15]

1657 Dec 25

Thomas Tetlow, a householder of parish Bolton by Bolland. 

[Yorkshire Parish Register Society]


Rentals of Thornham at Whitsuntide & Michelmas. John Tetlow. 

[Assheton MSS E7/19/2/12]


Mr John Tetlow of Oldham, cloth worker. James Wrigley aged about 5, apprentice to him. 


1661 Apr 13

For Oldham, Thomas Tetlow of Brody Lane, churchwarden. 


1663 May 14

C-90. Godley. 1663 May 14. Edmund Assheton of Chadderton, Esq. To Reignold Tetlow of Godley, husbandman. Buildings held by Reignold Tetlow, deceased, father of the above Reignold. For life, said Reignold, his wife Martha and Alice, his daughter. 


1664 May 24

Edmund Tetlow of Royton and Elizabeth Hallewell of Butterworth, spinster. Bondsman, George Harpur of Rochdale, husbandman. To Mr Walworre, clerk, minister of Oldham and Rectors of Preswich and Bury. 

[Vol 65: Chester Marriage Licence, #V, 1661-1667]

1664 May 26

Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst took to wife Mrs Elizabeth Hallywell of Pike House in Rochdale parish and was married by Rev Wallwork curate of Oldham. Note: Names in connection with Edmund Tetlow between 1695-1697 as follows: Edmund Ogden of Castleton; James Chadwick of Roughbank; John Chadwick of Low House; Charles Mile; William Wilson; William Buckley of Dearnley; James Stott late of Dearnley; James Milne of Lady Houses. 

[Raines MSS]

1664 May 31

Edmund Tetlow of Coldhurst took to wife Elizabeth Halliwell of Pikehouse in Rochdale parish and married by Mr Wallworke, curate of Oldham. 


1664 Sep 23

John Tetlow of Cunscough son & heir of Richard Tetlow was age 44 years 23 September, 1664, married Ellen, daughter of Mr. Robert Mercer of West Derby, had issue John Tetlow then age 10 years. 

[Farrar MSS]

1664 Sep 24

I Richard Tetlow of Oldham, do returns to the constable that I have one hearth in my house. "Mark of Ric. Tetlow". 

[DDke 2/16/17, Hearth Tax for Oldham]

1664 Sep 24

I Richard Tetlow of Oldham do returns to the constable that I have one hearth in my house. Sep 24 1664. 

[HEARTH TAX - 1664]

1664 Sep 27

Returns of indigent persons unable to pay church & poor rates, Thornham, parish of Middleton:

George Kay

John Tetlow

Richard Hutshall

Anthony Brearly

Henry Leeminge

Francis Woolfenden.

Signed: Abraham Collinge, church warden; Robert Simonds, Rector; and Richard Kaye, Overseer of the poor.


Alice Bradshaw, wife of Richard, son of Robert Tetlow of Chamber. 

[Vol 84. Visitation of Lancashire by Sir Wm Dugdale 1664/5]

1665 Feb 20

Surrender for suffering recovery: (many names of which the following are listed): Thomas Tetlowe, James Scoles of Oldham. 20 Feb 1664/5, 

[DDHP 20/74]

1665 Mar 23

Daniel Tetlow, of Warrington. Licence to exercise and practice the art and science of medicine amongst the poor in the Deanery of Warrington and market town of Congleton. 

[Vol 65: Chester Marriage Licence, #V, 1661-1667]

1665 Apr 28

Robert Tetlow of Oldham, Bondsman. 

[Vol 65: Chester Marriage Licence, #V, 1661-1667]

1666 Feb 02

Lease: For 3 lives at 13/4 rent: For 36 pounds: Benjamin Wrigley of Chamber, gentleman, to James Hudson of Northmore, fustianweaver -- Messuage on W. side of Northmore -- for lives J.H., James son of John Tetlow the younger of Northmore and James son of John Garside. 02 Feb 1665/6. 

[DDHP 20/75]

1667 (circa)

Book sent to Dinah Tetlow. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-65]

1669 May 14

Sunday. I preach at Dinah Tetlaws. 

[Oliver Heywood diaries, vol 1, p-269]

1670 Jan 24

Mary, daughter of Edmund Tetlow, gent., baptised. (note 1669 to 1679, records not recorded thru neglect). 


1670 May 09

I preacht at Dinah Tetlows. 

[Oliver Heywood Diaries 1630-1702]


Thomas Tetlaw. Witness to will of Thomas Pyke. Will probated 13 Sep 1676. 


1671 Apr 27 & 28

C-104. Godley (Tetlowfold). 1671 Apr 27 & 28. Edmund Asshton conveys to Regnold Tetlow an estate in Godley. 


1671 May 17

Chadderton manufacturers and right to dig for turf on Theale Moor. 'Witnesseth that the said Edmund Assheton for £7 Hath given granted etc., to the said Henry Tetlow in his actual possession all those parcells of land in Theale Moor, called Nearer Close and Further Close on the Room ends, late of the holding of John Tetlow (late brother of the said Henry) etc. 


1671 May 17

Indenture between Edmund Assheton of Chadderton, Esq 1 part and Henry Tetlow of Thealemoor in Chadderton, lynenweabster 2 part. Lancs called nearer Close & Jurker close(?) or Room ends late in holds of John Tetlow late brother of Henry. (note: Another entry 15 May 1671 refers to "James Tetlow, brother of Henry") Wit: Chr Brennand; Symon Kent; Thomas Ashton). 

[Raines MSS]

1672 Jan 01

Witness, John Tetlow. 


1672 Feb 06

Edward Viccars age 93 dyed last night at Dinah Tetlaws. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-187]

1672 Feb 17

Book to Dinah Tetlaw. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-51]

1672 Easter

Thomas Tetlow the older, of Broadhey Lane, Oldham, appointed overseer of the poor. 


1672 Dec 27

Friday. Kept a fast at Dinah Tetlows. 

[Oliver's Heywood Diaries 1630-1702, vol 1, p-293]


Tetlow's of Cunscough & Tetlow's of Oldham. 

[Blore's list of 'Familia Lancastria' published in 1673]

Baptised, child of John Tetlow. 

[Vol 52: History of Newton Chapelry]

1673 Jun 12

Prayers. James Tetley attending.  

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-128]

1673 Jun 28

Book Prot Catich to James Tetlaw. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-73]

1673 Jul 07

Called of Dinah Tetley who hath been a woman of a troubled spirit, about her condition, and hath often laid her case over before me, complaining grieviously of unbelief, temptations, darknes but this day she hath got satisfaction. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-157]

1674 Jul 03

Friday. Hath been a solomne day on account of Marthas removal, my old servant, who hath lived with me about 16 yeares, hath been exceedingly faithful and careful of me and mine, afflicted with me in all my afflictions, and shared with me in all conditions, now at last she is marryed to a good man, James Tetley, I loved her as a child, my bowels yearned for her, she was ful of heavines at parting my heart was much affected. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-137]

1675 Jan 20

Wednesday. Rossendale, near Halifax, in a close by James Tetlow. 

[Oliver's Heywood Diaries 1630-1702, vol 1, p-362]

1675 Jul 22

My wife was exceedingly troubled in spirit for some reports that Martha (my old servant) had spread abroad concerning her and was restles in spirit, wept much, in the afternoon we went down to Jon Priestleys, sent for Martha and Margaret Rushworth, went into chamber. I begun to speak of the busines, my wife went on, related wt she heard of Marthas talking, some things she excused, some she confessed, and twice did earnestly beg forgiveness of her, she did forgive her, they were lovingly reconciled. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-166]

1675 Jul 23

In the morning came Martha Tetley my old servant to me. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary, vol 1, p-338]

1675 Nov 25

Having been to visit sick persons at Norwood Green, returning home I called at J. Tetleys, had some talk with Martha, at my return home my wife askt me if I called there, i sd yes, she had solemnly declared agt it, was troubled, I gave her my reasons, and busines, she was the more offended, I could not satisty her but was much disquited all night, wept and sighed sadly, wch was a mighty burden to my spirit, the more I said the more she was troubled. I went into my study, poured out my soul before God, that night and in the morning, was wonderfully helped both times with a penitent soul, prostrate body, I spake in the bitternes of my spirit, and behold beofore night her spirit was calmed, she was loving to me, breaches healed, and we have had sweet communion together since, both in civil and spiritual dutys, and I hope God hath done her good by it. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-169]

1676 (circa)

Ephan Tetley, Dinah's mother, dead (Coley Chapel). 

[Oliver Heywood Diary, vol 2, p-18]

1676 Jan 05

Probate of will of Thomas Tetlow of Skirden. Admon to Anne Tetlow his widow. 


1676 Sep 18

We kept a day of solemne thankfulnes to God at James Tetlys for his wives Mercy in child-bearing, Martha my old maid, and tho Satan had been busy to set distance yet God inclined my wife to goe and was well composed, blessed be God.

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-175]

1676 Dec 20

J. Tetley brought me a letter from my son John. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-176]

1677 Jul 27

Friday. Visted Dinah Tetlaw, came home safe, blessed be God. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol2, p-38]

1677 Aug 14

Tuesday. Afternoon visited Sarah Hardger at James Tetleys, prayed, discoursed with her, came home, blessed be God. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-40]

1677 Sep 10

Monday. Called of Dinah Tetlaw. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol2, p-42]

1677 Oct 04

Thomas Tetlow of Oldham and Alice Holland, same. 

[Vol 69: Chester Marriage Licence, #VI, 1667-1680]

1677 Oct 12

Friday. I & my sons went to James Tetleys where Dinah Tetley had invited us to keep a fast in her house, God graciously helpt my heart with abundant sighs, graces, teares, it was a good day, blessed be God. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-45]

1677 Dec 10

Monday. Went to Norwood Green, visited Dinah, prayed with her. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-50]

1678 Jan 16

Wednesday. Rode to Norwood Green, discoursed with Dinah. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-53]

1678 Apr 18

Monday. After dinner, my wife and I visited Dinah Tetlaw, Rose Watson, Eden Brooksbank, James Oates, Abr. Langley, prayed with 3 of them. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-60]

1678 Jul

Tuesday. Prayed with Edith Brooksbank, called of, discoursed, prayed with Dinah Tetley, oh how God helpt there. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-67]

1678 Oct 25

Friday. We had a solemne day of fasting & prayer at my house upon Dinah Tetlaws account, God wondefully helpt Joseph Lister & me in the work. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-75]

1678 Dec 15

Nathaniel Tetlow fined 5 schillings. 

[QSP 518/3]

1678 Dec 28

Saturday. Afternoon rid (rode) to visit Dinah Tetley being under sad temptations, prayed with her. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-81]

Tetlow in Cheetham. Tythes in 1679. 

[Vol 53. Newton Chaplery]

1679 Jan 06

Monday. Called of D. Tetley there also God helped in conference, prayer. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-82]

1679 Jan 20

Monday. We spent as a solemne day of fasting and prayer at James Tetleys, oh it was a very good day. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-83]

1679 Mar 29

My books of life of Gods favour, disposed a plain copy to Dinah Tetley. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-211]

1679 Apr 05

Sarah, daughter of Thomas Tetlow of Oldham, shopkeeper and Margrett his wife, born. 


1679 Apr 21

2nd day, morning. I rode to Norwood Green, visited Dinah. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-91]

1679 May 20

3rd day. My son, wife, and I rode to Capt. Hodgsons at Cromwel Bottom, we with Mr Dawson, James Tetley, etc, kept a solemne day of fasting & prayer there. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vpl 2, p-94]

1679 Jun 16

Copy of book to Ruth Tetley. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-212]

1679 Jul 22

3rd day. Had several visitors at Morley, baptised Mr Sam Craisters child at Tong, called of Dinah Tetley etc, came home, found all well. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-100]

1679 Sep 22

2nd day. Called at Dinah. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-105]

1679 Nov 12

4th day. We had a solemne fast at James Tetleys. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-109]


Nathaniel Tetlow of Manchester, fines for conventicle at house of Josuah Browne. 


1680 Oct 25

My brother book, copy to Dinah Tetley. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-214]

1681 (circa)

Great poverty by decay of trade, multitude come a begging, theres also much stealing. James Tetley had a piece cut and 14 yards taken. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-286]


Churchwarden. Edmund Tetlow of Chadderton. 



Edmund Tetlow, Chadderton, churchwarden. 

[OLDHAM CHAPPELRY, by George Perry-Gore]

1681 Feb 07

Robert Tetlow; Ralph Standish; William Radcliffe of Foxdenten.  

[Raines MSS]

1682 Jan 18

Overseers of the highway for our town (Oldham) is Robert Tetlow of Hollinwood and John Kenion of Glodwick. 

[QSP 563/14]

1682 (circa)

(married) Jonathan Firth that was present at Dinah Tetleys.  

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-132]

1682 Jun 17

Indenture between Joseph Gregge of Chamber Hall and Thomas Tetlow of Broady Lane, Oldham. Indenture of Thomas Tetlow during the lives of John Tetlow, son of Thomas Tetlow, the Elder; Edmund Tetlow, eldest son of Thomas Tetlow, the younger and John, son of Thomas Whitehead of Lane End. 


1682 Jun 21

Wednesday. Being at James Tetlys at a private fast, he went to prayer himself and expressed his thankfulness to God solemnly for the Lords laying hold upon his heart by some sermon I preacht aboue 20 years agoe at Coley Chapel about Repentance from Act 17 30. Blessed be God. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary, vol 4, p-73]

Witness, Robert Tetlow. 


1683 (circa)

Martha Smith living at Dinah Tetley's, dead. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-27]

1683 (circa)

My book of lamentation after the Lord. 2 dozen sent to Nath(aniel) Tetley to Manchester. 

[Oliver Heywood Diaries]


Ruth Tetlow dead. James Tetlaw living at Priestly Green, a pious young man. Martha, his wife, my old servant that lived with me 15 years dead, marryed to James Tetlaw. 

[Oliver's Heywood Diaries 1630-1702. vol 2, p-27]

1683 (circa)

Ester Tetlaw of Bradford. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-29]

1683 (circa)

Ester the wife of James Tetlaw.  

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-35]

1683 Jan 03

Robert Tetlow of Hollinwood, overseer. 


1683 Jul

Marriage. Nathaniel Tetlow of Crumpsall and Sarah Taylor of Moston. 

[Vol 47]

1683 Jul 15

Preached at D. Tetley. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-337]

1683 Oct 02

Mary Tetlaw, her neece (Dinah's) now Tonn Blands wife. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-27]

1683 Nov 21/23

Dinah Tetlaw of Norwood Green, a very gracious woman of many afflictions, temptations, desertions, dyed November 21st, buryed November 23, 1683, aged 74. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-27]

1684 Sep 14

Charged. Thomas Tetlow, senior and John Lees of Lowside, for sitting in the church, with their hats on, in sermon time. Henry Tetlow of Thailmoor, for not baptising his children. 


1684 Sep 14

Thomas Tetlow sen. and John Lees for sitting in church with their hats on, in sermon time. 

[OLDHAM CHAPPELRY, by George Perry-Gore]

1684 Sep 14

Excommunicated: Henry Tetlow of Thailmore, for not baptizing of his children. 

[OLDHAM CHAPPELRY, by George Perry-Gore]

1684 Sep 18

Ordered by the archbishop of York to present themselves in the parish of Manchester "to answer for their backslidings-Thomas Tetlow snr, & John Lees of Lowside, for sitting in the church with their hatts on in sermon time". (page 224). 

[England in Ashton-under-Lyne, by W.M. Bowman]

1684 Oct 10

Edmund Tetlow, land. 


Baptised, Ann - d - John. 

[Vol 52: History of Newton Chapelry]

1686 Easter

John Tetlow, webster of Moston. Relief for his 'humble pelican(?), a very poor man with a wife and five children. 



Assistant Churchwarden. Robert Tetlow. 


1687 Oct 10

Book sent to James Tetlaw. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-54]

1688 Feb 27

George Crompton and Ann Tetlow. 

[Vol 73: Chester Marriage Licence, #VII, 1680-1691]

1688 Apr

James Tetley builded 2 bays at Dinah's house which he purchased at Norwood Green, April 1688. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-236]

1688 Jun 18

Will of John Gilliam, junior of Manchester, gentleman. Bequeaths to his kinswoman, Ann; Mary; and Elizabeth Tetlow, daughters of my cousin Edmund Tetlow of Hunt Lane, gentleman, each £5. 


1688 Sep 06

Will of Theophilus Halliwell. Richard Halliwell of Windybank, gent & Johnathan Halliwell of Rochdale & Anna Halliwell of Eccles, widow; Theo Halliwell, gent, dec; Samuel Hamer of Hamer & Edmund Tetlow of Huntlane in parish of Oldham. Will of Theo Halliwell dated 1688, proved nr Eccles, court of York. To kinswoman Elizabeth, wife of Edmund Tetlow 300 pounds (1690 Jun 06). Signed: Anna Halliwell; Samuel Hamer; Edmund Tetlow. Witness: Charles Milne; John Stott; Jeremy Hargreaves; Johnatham Lum(?). 

[Raines MSS]

1689 Jul 12

Will of John Gilliam, gent. Debts paid to Mr. Edmund Tetlow for his 3 children, £15. 


1689 Sep 17

Will of Ruth Tetlaw of Norwoodgreen, Yorks.

1690 Apr 01

Book distributed at London, Nathaniel Tetley. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 3, p-57]

1690 Apr 29

Joshua, son of Roger Stocks and Mercy Tetley (will claysmaid). 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-135]

1690 May 19

William Penkett of Neston, co Chester and Ann Tetlow of same, spinster. Vol 73:

[Chester Marriage Licence, #VII, 1680-1691]

1690 Sep 01

Jonathan Rig of Sowerby and Hannah Tetley of Warley at Halifax. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-135]

1692 (circa)

(baptisms). June not January, Martha Tetley. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol2, p-129]

1692 Nov 07

Two young men, hopefull, Joshua Scofield and Eliezar Tetley. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary, vol 4, p-147]

1693 (circa)

Ruth & Dinah Tetlaw of Northowram, dead. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary, vol 2, p-23]

1693 Feb

Henry Tetlow. John, son of Henry of Moston, Feb 1692-3, Dob Lane Chapel Register. 

[Vol 53. Newton Chaplery]

1693 Jul 26

Edmund Tetlow, witness to Susan Potter,s Will.. 


1693 Sep 11

Bolton by Bolton. Those alloted pews in church:

Mr Robert Tetlow for Skirden.

Mr Robert Tetlow for Rayhead. 

[Yorkshire Parish Register Society]

1694 Jul 26

Thomas Tetlow, Oldham, shopkeeper, buried. 



6th volume of Oldham Registers bought by John Tetlow of Brodilane; and John Tetlow of Cowlishaw. 



Two ingenious gentlewomen, Mr Tetlow's daughters of Oldham, greatly encouraged divine music, excellent playing on instruments, having learnt psalmody at Middleton. 

[Vol XXI-183. Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society]


Sixth volume of Oldham registers bought by John Tetlow of Brodilane and John Tetlow, Cowlishaw, churchwardens. Cost 30 shillings. 

[OLDHAM CHAPPELRY, by George Perry-Gore]

1695 Jan 01

James Tetley and widow Hurd of Batley. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary. vol 2, p-136]

1695 Nov 26

Indenture between Daniel Jackson of Castleton, parish of Rochdale. Admon of Pheobe Jackson widow, dec, who was exetrix of Richard Jackson of Castleton gent, dec, 1 part & Edmund Tetlow of Huntland of Oldham gent, 2 part. Signed: Daniel Jackson. Wit: Sam Hamer; John Chadwick; William Wilson; Charles Chadwick. Ind: Mr D. Jackson assignt to Mr Halliwell, 1695. 

[Raines MSS]

1695 Dec 15

Sunday. James Tetlaw came on Lords day Dec 15th, told me he lodged with my son at Ponfret the Thursday night, my daughter begun to travel that night, he left her in pangs on Friday, they sent for the mid-wife Ms Wakefield. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary, vol 4, p-153]


James Tetley and others. Concerning a disagreement between Oliver Heywood and Jonathan Priestley over the purchase of a field. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary, vol 4, p-158]


Tetlow's of Coldhurst, patron of Elias Hall, choirmaster of Oldham. Vol 1-2.

[Vicar's of Rochdale]

Ruth Tetlaw dead. 

[Oliver's Heywood Diaries 1630-1702]

Dinah Tetlow dead. 

[Oliver's Heywood Diaries 1630-1702]

169.(7) Mar 07

Marriage. Lees of Althill, parish Ashton-u-Lyne and Mary Tetlow(?) of Oldham.  

[Vol 47]

1697 Dec 01

Overseers accounts, John Tetlow, constable. 



Esther Tetlow of Bradford, husband James. 

[Oliver's Heywood Diaries 1630-1702]

1698 Mar 06

Johnathan Lees of Althill, fustianman and Mary Tetlow, Oldham, par of Prestwich, spinster. Bondsman, James Buckley, of Althill, par of Ashton-u-Lyne, Chapman. At Oldham or Newton Chapel. 

[Vol 77: Chester Marraige Licence, #VIII, 1691-1700]

1698 Jun 12

John Tetlow of Titleton, par of Prestbury, Husbandman, Bondsman.  

[Vol 77: Chester Marriage Licence, #VIII, 1691-1700]


Mr Franklands Pupils: Reynald Tetlay. 

[Oliver's Heywood Diaries 1630-1702]

1699 Jan 04

Memorandum that John Tetlow, Edmund Newton, Amos Ogden, being Supervisors of the Highways within the township of Oldham. 


1699 Feb 18

John Chorlton Pupils, University teaching at Gt House in Manchester. Reignold Tetlow. 

[Oliver's Heywood Diaries 1630-1702. vol 2, p-16]

1699 Oct 18

Went with El. Tetley, prayed with James Tetley.  

[Oliver Heywood Diary, vol 4, p-186]

1699 Dec 24

Had several at dinner including James Tetley and his wife. 

[Oliver Heywood Diary, vol 4, p-195]

Baptised, d - Henry jnr. 

[Vol 52: History of Newton Chapelry]

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